Canal Status Last Updated on 3/22/2017 8:34:54 AM

The Canal is running at 228 cfs. (3/22/2017) Call your DitchRiders to place your water orders.

The TDS readings  March 20th at Brantley Lake was 2600 and 3100 at the River.

Carlsbad Irrigation District Board of Directors set the beginning 2017 allotment at 2.75 AF at the February 14th Board Meeting. 

Robert Boatman will be our new WaterMaster this year and Mary Barnhart was appointed Division 1 Board Member, filling the vacancy left by Louise Tracy.  Please help us welcome them to CID.

The Board approved a Water Delivery Policy and copies can be picked up at the office during regular operating hours.

Regular Office  Hours

7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Monday - Friday

General Regulations for Water Delivery

·       Water is delivered from the Carlsbad Irrigation District (CID) pursuant to the provisions of all existing contracts between the United States Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and CID under the Reclamation Act of June 17, 1902 as amended, and all regulations of the United States Department of the Interior promulgated thereunder.

·       Water delivery shall be refused to any water user if any CID assessment or charge against the water user’s serial number remains delinquent, or upon failure to observe any of the requirements of these regulations.

·       Water charges to be paid by water users shall be announced and collected by CID levy and assessment no later than January 1 of each year. Annual assessment charges are due and payable January 1 each year. A minimum of one-half of annual assessment charges must be paid prior to any water delivery. The remaining balance of annual assessment charges, if any, must be paid by July 1 for water deliveries after July 1.

·       CID shall refuse delivery of water to any private or community ditch that is not capable of satisfactorily delivering water to the proper water users’ land until such time that the condition of the ditch is corrected.

·       Water delivered to a water user shall not be used on land other than land specifically described by CID serial number, nor shall it be permitted to collect or run upon other land or be wasted in any manner.

·       Delivery of irrigation water to all portions of sub-divided tracts will be contingent upon submission to the CID Manager of a clear written understanding between the purchaser and the seller as to the rights and conditions of use of existing canals and laterals in order that no portion will be without facilities for water service.

·       On the account of drought, inaccuracy in distribution, or other cause, there may occur at any time a shortage in the quantity of water provided for herein. CID will use all reasonable means to guard against such shortage, but in no event shall any liability accrue against CID, their officers, agents or employees for damage, direct or indirect arising therefrom.


Main Canal and Lateral Start Up and Shut Down  

At the beginning of each irrigation season the Carlsbad Irrigation District (CID) Board of Directors will determine the initial allotment, start-up date and the minimum number of orders necessary to start up the Main Canal and a minimum number of orders required in order not to shut down the Main Canal. The Board will evaluate monthly the availability of CID water stored in upstream reservoirs and may make adjustments to the initial allotment.

In order to minimize water delivery losses, all CID water delivery personnel will collaborate in order to minimize large spikes and drops in the amount of water in the Main Canal. Because of these factors all water users may from time to time experience delays in water deliveries.

The Board has adopted the following system thresholds required to maintain the most efficient irrigation water deliveries;

               Minimum start-up                                          100 cfs

               Minimum maintain after start-up 50-70 cfs

The Board reserves the right to amend these threshold levels in order to maintain system efficiencies in the event system dynamics or capacities change.

Once water is diverted from Avalon Dam the water users shall provide his/her ditch rider with ample advanced notice prior to the end of their delivery or the water user will be charged with the appropriate run down. These run down times are as follows:

·       Division One – 4-6 hours

·       Division Two – 6-8 hours

·       Division Three – 8-10 hours

·       Division Four & Five – 12 hours

Determination of Water Delivery Priority

Every effort will be made by CID personnel to deliver  water on the date and time requested by the water-user. However, the capacity of CID’s  infrastructure limits CID’s ability to meet every water-user’s request.

  • Once an order is placed the water-user may be asked to take delivery of his/her water prior  the time and date originally requested should another water user in the area complete their irrigation cycle ahead of schedule.

  • Water users will be given priority for water delivery in each lateral and division based on the order in which their order for water is received.

  • Any water user requesting water delivery more than 24 hours in advance will be given an opportunity to take an earlier delivery of their water should another water user request water at an earlier delivery time in the same lateral. Should the water user that requested water delivery first refuse this earlier delivery he/she acknowledges that his/her water delivery may be delayed until all current water orders in the lateral are completed.

  • Water users irrigating from multiple laterals may experience some delays in water delivery when requesting their current water delivery to be moved to another lateral. All orders of record from other water users are to be completed in the current lateral prior to moving the water to another lateral. In addition the move to lateral may require the completion of ongoing water deliveries in the move to lateral.

  • In limited situations water delivery priority shall be given to the water users with newly planted alfalfa crops regardless of the order of requested deliveries of other users. This shall apply and be limited only to new cropland with seed that has begun germination due to unexpected rainfall. Water delivery shall return to the original water user as soon as the newly planted cropland is irrigated. 

Water Delivery Directly From CID Laterals

Within the district there are a limited number of laterals in which CID and the water user have determined it is beneficial to irrigate directly from the CID lateral. These laterals have been modified for this purpose and CID and the water user agree to the following:

  1. The water user shall pay for port valves and jack gates meeting CID specifications.

  2. CID shall install these port valves and jack gates.

  3. CID shall maintain these port valves and jack gates until such time the port valve and jack gates are no longer repairable or have become obsolete or otherwise need to be replaced.

  4. Replacement of port valves and jack gates mentioned in Item 3 will be completed as mentioned in Item 1 and Item 2.

  5. The water user shall reimburse CID for the cost of newly installed port valves and jack gates prior to taking water delivery.

  6. The water user agrees to close all port valves and open all jack gates in the lateral upon completion of each water delivery.

  7. The water user acknowledges there is a risk of water seepage from port valves when water is conveyed across his/her land to meet the water delivery orders of other water users.

  8. The water user assumes the responsibility of weed and vegetation control on either side of the lateral in which crops are grown.

Community Ditch Users

  1. Users of community ditches must work cooperatively with one another in order to efficiently and effectively have water delivered to each water user of the community ditch.

  2. Community ditch users are required to maintain their portion of the community ditch.

  3. Community ditch users will receive their water in sequential order.

  4. If one of the community ditch users does not take his/her water during the cycle that user forfeits his opportunity to irrigate until the next cycle.

  5. Each water user will advise the ditch rider how long he/she will require water.

  6. Each water user of the community ditch shall not send the water to another user of the community ditch in a manner that might cause flooding or other property damage.